Steve Duin

$10.4 Million Verdict for Injuries in 2016 NW 23rd Gas Explosion Case

On October 13, 2022, a Multnomah County jury awarded several million dollars to two people who suffered physical and emotional injuries in a 2016 gas explosion in Portland, and assessed punitive damages of $4.6 million against Loy Clark Pipeline Co. Both plaintiffs were represented by Greg Kafoury and Mark McDougal of Portland.   Firefighters responded after a natural gas explosion … Continue reading

Is Your Loved One Safe? Elder Abuse is on the Rise

In November of 2013, Elmo and his wife, Meliitta, approached their neighbors, Sandra Bittler and her husband Michael Leland, about purchasing a 2 acre lot that bordered their two properties. Elmo, age 86, was delighted by the idea that the land his sons had made their wilderness playground could brighten the days of another set of children. However, he was … Continue reading

Banks Allow Scams to Continue Unchecked

In February, 71-year-old Khin Aung was defrauded of $125,000 — her life savings — by an inventive team of scam artists based in Ghana. Khin lost her home and her IRA. And Wells Fargo and Citibank, the U.S banks that handled the wire transfers, facilitating the scam? They allowed it to happen. Read more: The Oregonian – Steve Duin (3/19/2012) The … Continue reading

Video Shows Innocent Student being Brutalized by Portland Policeman

College student Jason Elgin and a female friend fell asleep at their booth at Denny’s, exhausted from mid-term exams. To rouse him from slumber, Portland Police Officer Kevin Tully tossed Elgin to the floor, then zapped him twice with his taser, handcuffed him, and took him to jail. Staff and customers testified that Officer Tully’s description of the incident was … Continue reading

K and M Help Bring Sex Abuser to Justice

Kudos to Oregonian columnist Steve Duin for reporting on Douglas County deputy district attorney Jodee Jackson’s extradition and prosecution of Tyler Lambie.  Justice has finally been served.  Lambie, the son of Milo Adventist Academy faculty, is now serving 6 months for sexually abusing a former student. Mr. Lambie was set to plead guilty to the charges back in 2007, but … Continue reading

Police Brutality Victims awarded $175,000.

In a case which received daily television coverage, and major coverage in The Oregonian, as well as a column by Steve Duin, three African American men successfully sued the City of Portland, alleging false arrest and brutality on the part of Portland Police. Alex Clay, Harold Hammick, and Ri’Chard Booth were about to leave the fourth floor of a parking … Continue reading