Multnomah County

$10.4 Million Verdict for Injuries in 2016 NW 23rd Gas Explosion Case

On October 13, 2022, a Multnomah County jury awarded several million dollars to two people who suffered physical and emotional injuries in a 2016 gas explosion in Portland, and assessed punitive damages of $4.6 million against Loy Clark Pipeline Co. Both plaintiffs were represented by Greg Kafoury and Mark McDougal of Portland.   Firefighters responded after a natural gas explosion … Continue reading

K&M Files Lawsuit Over Dangerous Highway Ramp

The state of Oregon didn’t fix the on-ramp to Highway 217 despite a slew of wrecks caused by a defective metal joint, according to 15 motorists who are being represented by Kafoury & McDougal. The plaintiffs in the case all suffered injuries from accidents caused by the unsafe joint between April and June of 2014. The claims add up to … Continue reading

Kafoury & McDougal have the 2 highest jury awards and the largest settlement ever against the City of Portland for police misconduct

According to the City of Portland’s Risk Management Division and the reporting of the Oregonian’s Aimee Green, Kafoury & McDougal have won the two highest jury verdicts against the Portland Police ever awarded in the history of the City of Portland for Portland Police matters. K&M has also reached the largest settlement ever against the city. Below are articles,videos and … Continue reading

Multnomah County jury finds Portland Police used excessive force during arrest, awards $562,000

A Multnomah County jury awarded $562,000 to Jason Cox, a local iron worker who was beaten, including 6-8 blows to his head while being tasered 4 times, by the Portland Police during an arrest. The award is every penny the plaintiff asked for in the claim against the city. On the night of the incident, Mr. Cox drove his 1969 … Continue reading

H&M shopper awarded $105,000

A Multnomah County jury on June 2, 2014, awarded Brenda Moaning, an African American woman, $105,000 for battery and false arrest against retailer H&M. Ms. Moaning, a woman of great dignity, was shopping at H&M during their Clackamas Town Center grand opening in May of 2011. Below is a video from our Youtube page of the incident. As you can … Continue reading

Whistleblower lawsuit against Multnomah County regarding medical billing errors

Barbara Alexander-Brown filed a whistleblower lawsuit against Multnomah County. She refused to obey her bosses after she repeatedly brought up instances of providers unlawfully billing the county for services. Alexander-Brown claims that she faced scolding, retaliation and termination. The lawsuit is seeking $985,000 for loss of income, and emotional and mental distress. Read more: The Oregonian — Kelly House (03/07/2014)

Jury awards $67,000 to Walgreen’s shoppers

A Multnomah County jury awarded $67,000 to Teresa White and Deante Strickland on November 21, 2012. The case involved an African American mother and son who were falsely arrested by Walgreens manager Wendy Marceau back in May of 2012. Marceau called the police and reported that there was a “theft in progress” and that Ms. White had “put 15 items … Continue reading

Paralyzed Agricultural Worker Wins $6.2 Million

On June 21, 2013 a Multnomah County jury found for the plaintiff Zeferino Vasquez, an agricultural worker, against Double Press Inc, the manufacturer of a hay bale slicer. In March of 2010, Mr. Vasquez (age 21) forgot to take the hay bale slicer out of automatic mode before he left the control panel and went to remove a jam in … Continue reading

Multnomah County Jail Responsible for Not Preventing an Attempted Suicide

Westley Wilson, 29, is a quadriplegic following an attempted suicide while in the custody of the Multnomah County Detention Center, in downtown Portland. From The Oregonian: Lawyers for Westley Wilson, 29, who was in custody in May on charges he violated a restraining order, say the jail failed to place Wilson on suicide watch or provide a secure environment since … Continue reading

Multnomah County Jury awarded Gallagher Smith $306,000 against the City of Portland

A Multnomah County Jury awarded Gallagher Smith $306,000 against the City of Portland for false arrest, battery, and malicious prosecution. Smith suffered physical and emotional injuries when he was grabbed, beaten, tased, maced, and hog-tied by Portland Police officers after questioning their authority to order him off a public sidewalk. Officers Sean McFarland and Patrick Johnson were acting at the … Continue reading