Maxine Bernstein

$10.4 Million Verdict for Injuries in 2016 NW 23rd Gas Explosion Case

On October 13, 2022, a Multnomah County jury awarded several million dollars to two people who suffered physical and emotional injuries in a 2016 gas explosion in Portland, and assessed punitive damages of $4.6 million against Loy Clark Pipeline Co. Both plaintiffs were represented by Greg Kafoury and Mark McDougal of Portland.   Firefighters responded after a natural gas explosion … Continue reading

Portland Police send dog to bite man mowing a lawn

A forty-seven year old African-American man, James Waters, was mowing a lawn for work in NE Portland when two vans full of Portland Police officers wearing storm-trooper-type outfits and bearing high-powered weapons pulled up in front of the house. Officers had been monitoring Mr. Waters using an airplane and ground surveillance to plan the Special Emergency Response Team (SERT) arrest. One … Continue reading

UPDATE: Jeffrey McAllister pleads GUILTY; the full story remains to be told

Jeffrey McAllister, a nurse at Legacy Emanuel, pled guilty today to a long list of Measure 11 crimes for his sexual abuse of 10 women at Emanuel’s emergency room and will spend a minimum of 15 years behind bars. “McAllister’s crimes covered a period of more than seven years,” said attorney Mark McDougal of Kafoury & McDougal. “During that time, … Continue reading

UPDATE: Feds investigated Legacy Emanuel in McAllister case

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services found that Legacy Emanuel Medical Center flouted federal regulations designed to protect patients. The investigation revealed how hospital staff  repeatedly bungled their handling of the complaints and found that Legacy had failed to thoroughly investigate a series of complaints from patients who accused emergency room nurse, Jeffrey McAllister, of sex abuse. Read our initial story … Continue reading

Kafoury & McDougal Files First Lawsuit against Legacy Emanuel Hospital

A new victim has come forward in the ongoing case against Legacy Emanuel Medical Center nurse, Jeffrey N. McAllister. The victim, K.S., is seeking $2.5 million in damages after an incident involving McAllister on February 14th. Representing the victim, Greg Kafoury, Jason Kafoury, and Mark McDougal have filed the first of what may be many lawsuits against Legacy Emanuel Hospital … Continue reading

Mid-Columbia Medical Center and Jeffrey McAllister

UPDATE: In today’s Oregonian, Max Bernstein reports that Legacy learned back in September of 2012 that Jeffrey McAllister had sexually abused a patient and the nursing staff and a supervisor “blew off the complaints” and “basically called ‘the woman’ a liar.” It will be interesting to see what documentation exists of this complaint and what steps, if any, Legacy took to … Continue reading

Greg and Jason Kafoury Testify on Oregon Senate Bill 747

Under ORS 234.706, local cities and counties have the option of entering into binding arbitration to resolve employment disputes. In Portland, our city council has a binding arbitration agreement with the Portland Police Union. Our firm drafted a proposed amendment to ORS 234.706 that would prevent the City of Portland from agreeing to such arbitration in future contracts for instances … Continue reading

Multnomah County Jail Responsible for Not Preventing an Attempted Suicide

Westley Wilson, 29, is a quadriplegic following an attempted suicide while in the custody of the Multnomah County Detention Center, in downtown Portland. From The Oregonian: Lawyers for Westley Wilson, 29, who was in custody in May on charges he violated a restraining order, say the jail failed to place Wilson on suicide watch or provide a secure environment since … Continue reading

Payette Clinic cases: Vancouver Pill Mill Linked to Wave of Deaths and Addiction

Rachel Daggett, 18, died of an overdose after ingesting Oxycodone. A trail of the illegally-diverted narcotic led back to the Payette Clinic in Vancouver, Washington. The clinic was subsequently exposed as a “pill mill,” in which LPNs were dispensing narcotics in unheard-of amounts to virtually anyone who would walk in off the street and claim that they were suffering from … Continue reading

Road Rage, Off-Duty Portland Police Sergeant Pulls a Gun on a Citizen

During a bout of road-rage, off-duty Portland Police Sergeant Kyle Nice pulled a gun on another driver, Neil Ruffin.  The case settled for $55,000. Nice first came to public notoriety for his role in the death of James Chasse, a schizophrenic man who ran from police when they accused him of public urination. New Articles: The Oregonian – Maxine Bernstein (4/6/2010) … Continue reading