Gallagher Smith

National support grows for body cameras on police officers

The time has come for the Portland City Council to approve the use of body video cameras on all Portland Police officers. The ineffectiveness of Portland Police review boards and internal affairs investigations have created a system where Portland Police officers can ignore their responsibilities as peacekeepers and civil servants. This allows officers to abuse citizens with no repercussions. Body … Continue reading

Kafoury & McDougal have the 2 highest jury awards and the largest settlement ever against the City of Portland for police misconduct

According to the City of Portland’s Risk Management Division and the reporting of the Oregonian’s Aimee Green, Kafoury & McDougal have won the two highest jury verdicts against the Portland Police ever awarded in the history of the City of Portland for Portland Police matters. K&M has also reached the largest settlement ever against the city. Below are articles,videos and … Continue reading

Portland considers appealing police brutality case

Update: At the Wednesday Council meeting, Amanda Fritz pulled the item off of the consent agenda for further review. On Wednesday, April 17, the Portland City Council will consider and agenda item to appeal the Gallagher Smith trial victory. Jurors had decided that the Portland Police used excessive force, by beating, tazing and pepper-spraying the 25 year-old Smith. Read More: … Continue reading

Multnomah County Jury awarded Gallagher Smith $306,000 against the City of Portland

A Multnomah County Jury awarded Gallagher Smith $306,000 against the City of Portland for false arrest, battery, and malicious prosecution. Smith suffered physical and emotional injuries when he was grabbed, beaten, tased, maced, and hog-tied by Portland Police officers after questioning their authority to order him off a public sidewalk. Officers Sean McFarland and Patrick Johnson were acting at the … Continue reading