Innocent Walgreens Shopper Publicly Strip-Searched

walgreensTwo clerks and the manager of a Walgreen’s store accused Henry Peth of stealing batteries, and strip-searched him to his waist in the middle of the store. Peth was a member of a royal family of a tribe in Ghana, and an accusation of dishonesty in his homeland is a matter of great gravity. Thieves are paraded by the police on market day, while being beaten with sticks. It is a humiliation to the thief and his family that can never be erased. For being falsely accused and being treated in such a humiliating manner, Peth sued Walgreens, and a jury awarded Peth $35,000. The result was widely publicized across the country.

TV coverage:

Walgreen's Strip Search KGW (02/27/2012)
KGW (02/27/2012)
Walgreen's Strip Search KPTV (02/27/2012)
KPTV (02/27/2012)
Walgreen's Strip Search KOIN (02/27/2012)
KOIN (02/27/2012)

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