Professional Reviews

“You guys are saints, Man.”

- Michael Moore, Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker

“You guys are the biggest gunslingers around.”

- Douglas Beckman, Mult. Co. Circuit Court Judge (retired)

“Greg Kafoury takes the hard cases, possesses the long vision, and is the consummate attorney for his clients and lawyer for the public interest. He’s also very caring, very personable, very worldly, and has a wicked sense of humor.”

- Ralph Nader

“It was a pleasure to have tried a case against the best in the west.”

- Larry H. Lum, Partner, Wilson Elser, a preeminent defense litigation firm, with over a thousand attorneys, New York City

The Kafoury & McDougal firm is “a unique team of brains, brass, and benevolence . . . McDougal is the legal genius of the firm with a tremendous, law professor’s grip on the law.”

- Oregon Trial Lawyer’s Association, July 2018

Jason Kafoury is “the heart of the firm,” with “pitch-perfect insight into how people will respond” . . . who uses “his strong work ethic and natural charm to tirelessly prep witnesses and clients for testimony.”

- Oregon Trial Lawyer’s Association, July 2018

“To Greg and Mark: As one lawyer to another, thanks for all your good work. . . . You bring justice to the world and honor to the profession.”

- Tom Christ, Portland lawyer

“In my 44 years as a trial lawyer and trial court judge, Greg Kafoury is simply the best lawyer I’ve seen.”

- Jan Wyers, Mult. Co. Circuit Court Judge (retired)

“Watching Greg Kafoury at trial reminded me of Gerry Spence, America’s greatest lawyer.”

- Charles Williamson, Former President, Oregon State Bar

“Greg Kafoury is the poster boy for lawyer on the side of the people. He is the only one of us that people would pay to watch.”

- Bill Gaylord, Oregon’s Distinguished Trial Lawyer of the Year (1995); counsel in Oberg v. Phillip Morris, award of $80 million in punitive damages, the first great individual verdict against tobacco industry

“Greg: I haven’t been so impressed with a courtroom presentation since watching Bill Kunstler in Julius Hoffman’s courtroom in 1969.”

- Ed Bennett, Oregon Attorney, January 2000

To Greg and Mark: “You guys are King Kong and Godzilla in this campaign.”

- Ralph Nader, October 2000

During CourTV coverage of the trial of June Grittman v. Dr. Darrell Brett, commentator Gregg Jarrett described Greg Kafoury as “a strong, strong trial lawyer,” and “a great advocate,” while commentator Rikki Klieman described Kafoury as “fabulously entertaining.”

Client Reviews

“Greg Kafoury, et al., represented me in Settlegoode vs Portland Public Schools(circa 2000 – 2006). Though it was a complex case, involving a large public school administration (principals, vice-principals, special ed. supervisors, superintendent, school board and lots of lawyers) Mr. Kafoury was able to present to the jury the story of children (K – 12) who learn with disabilities, who were being denied their right to an appropriate public education and expose the villainy of a cruel and heartless administrator who retaliated against their teacher. Settlegoode and Kafoury achieved a great victory for special ed. students, their parents and their teachers, together we created something that wasn’t there before—a precedent. Mr. Kafoury armed with a thespian style, accompanied with magical theatrical props (e.g. the exhibit easel, positioned near the jury = low-tech brilliance) persuaded the jury that our case was worthy of immortality in the pantheon of American democracy. Lastly, Greg Kafoury, like most distinguished lawyers, teachers and actors, is an irresistible ham, which should be taken as the highest form of compliment.”

- Pamella Settlegoode

“Kafoury and McDougal is the best law firm in the country. Period. Kafoury and McDougal represented me in the best way possible, and I give them my highest recommendation. They worked on my case for years, and put everything they had into trying to make me whole again for what happened to me. They read hundreds of thousands of documents in the discovery process preparing for my trial. They were thorough in their research, detailed interviewing witnesses, and could not have performed any better in the depositions, or in the 4 week long trial. Furthermore, they were great communicators and kept me well informed throughout the entire process. They were extremely professional, and despite us going up against two Goliaths with more resources and larger legal teams than us, you couldn’t tell when it came to the end of the trial. The Kafoury and McDougal team went above and beyond my expectations, and I consider them all family and friends for life for the hard work, dedication, and care they brought to representing me.”

- Doug Brenner

“Praises. I would say that you are the only attorneys I could find who would actually take my goals seriously, which were to create change. To make the world safer, and everybody else — all the other attorneys I tried to deal with were just making it — having it be an opportunity for money, I really wanted them to make it safer, so that’s my bit of appreciation towards you guys.”

- Mother of Jonah Johansen

“I called the Kafoury legal office based on all of the great online reviews, and I’m very pleased I did! I emailed them with a few inquiries, and Natalie, the paralegal, swiftly responded. I was able to have a phone appointment with her to go over my case, and she was quite honest with me, which I absolutely liked. Natalie offered me hope at a time when my alternatives seemed limited and the prospect of a happy settlement seemed improbable. Not only was the firm able to defend me, but they were also able to obtain a better conclusion than I had anticipated. The most important thing is that I received medical attention and was able to have surgery that corrected a damage cause by the accident, allow me to get back to my work and some activities. They are very professional, I only spoke twice with Mr. Kafoury and he and Natalie were nothing but professional. I am so happy with my experience as they exceeded my expectations. I am forever grateful for the legal service and I highly recommend Kafoury and Mcdougal law firm.”

- Maria Admire

“These lawyers saved me from being bullied by my attacker. They are also defending me from their malicious prosecution attempts. They are brave men with morals who know the law well. So grateful for their help.”

- Rhonda Bowlin

“My friend recommended Kafoury and McDougal after I was in a bike accident. They responded promptly to my call, took my case and were very diligent every step of the way. Laurie was an excellent communicator. I felt very taken care of and informed. I am very happy I went with them for my personal injury case.”

- Danielle Spradlin

“If you were in the Roman Empire, you’d be famous.”

- Kostadin Naydenov

“I am very satisfied with the representation that I received from Kafoury and McDougal!!! Jason, Adam, Dana and Natalie worked with me over a 2 1/2 year period. They made sure I stayed updated, also made sure I was still able to receive care after I exhausted my PIP and settled my case nicely. This firm is very professional and handled me with care!!!!”

- Doneshia Brown

“I spoke to Jason Kafoury in length about a complicated injury case. Out of everyone I’ve spoken to his firm impresses me and has a reputation of being the “top dog” or the plaintiff rep in Portland that “makes opposing counsel go in their pants.” I highly recommend Kafoury & McDougal.”

- Kim Hoffman

“I’ve had an excellent experience with Kafoury and McDougal. They were always prompt in response to update my information on the legalities of my case. I would recommend working with Kafoury and McDougal if you’re going through anything pertaining to legal civil issues.”

- Brandon Hill

To Greg:  “I wanted to share a scripture with you . . . ‘He has brought down rulers from their thrones but has lifted up the humble. He has filled the hungry with good things but has sent the Powerful away empty.’ Luke 1, 52 – 54.”

- Al Law