Portland Police

Ask a Policeman for their Business Card, GO TO JAIL

Shei’meka Newmann, an employee at Weiden+Kennedy and a citizen honored for her service to underprivileged children, saw police roughly handling a young black man on a MAX train. She had the audacity to ask Portland Police officers Jim Sandvik and Aaron Dauchy for their business cards.  Read what they did to her, and how the jury set things straight by … Continue reading

Road Rage, Off-Duty Portland Police Sergeant Pulls a Gun on a Citizen

During a bout of road-rage, off-duty Portland Police Sergeant Kyle Nice pulled a gun on another driver, Neil Ruffin.  The case settled for $55,000. Nice first came to public notoriety for his role in the death of James Chasse, a schizophrenic man who ran from police when they accused him of public urination. New Articles: The Oregonian – Maxine Bernstein (4/6/2010) … Continue reading

Video Shows Innocent Student being Brutalized by Portland Policeman

College student Jason Elgin and a female friend fell asleep at their booth at Denny’s, exhausted from mid-term exams. To rouse him from slumber, Portland Police Officer Kevin Tully tossed Elgin to the floor, then zapped him twice with his taser, handcuffed him, and took him to jail. Staff and customers testified that Officer Tully’s description of the incident was … Continue reading

Police Brutality Victims awarded $175,000.

In a case which received daily television coverage, and major coverage in The Oregonian, as well as a column by Steve Duin, three African American men successfully sued the City of Portland, alleging false arrest and brutality on the part of Portland Police. Alex Clay, Harold Hammick, and Ri’Chard Booth were about to leave the fourth floor of a parking … Continue reading