Supreme Court Gives Corporations Unlimited Power to Influence Elections.

On January 21, 2010 a divided U.S. Supreme Court decided Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. This case dramatically changes the rules of campaign finance and unleashes corporations to spend unlimited money on elections. At issue in the case was whether a group could advertise a film critical of then-Senator Hillary Clinton during a presidential primary. The U.S. Supreme Court originally took the case and heard oral arguments in March of 2009. However, the Court took the unusual step of ordering the parties to reargue the case and address larger constitutional questions. The 5-4 majority struck down parts of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act (more commonly known as McCain-Feingold) which prevented corporations from broadcasting ads within a certain number of days before an election.

The direct result of this case is that it allows corporations (including foreign corporations) to spend unlimited amounts of money right up until election day directly attacking candidates.

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