St. Vincent Nurse Receives 25 Year Sentence In Sexual Abuse Case

adeladilew-a-mekonen-290fafc08f669c52The criminal proceedings in the sexual abuse case against Adeladilew Mekonen came to a close last week, resulting in a 25-year sentence for the former Providence St. Vincent nursing assistant. Mekonen, who was arrested in September, was indicted on 28 charges relating to the sexual abuse of a dozen former patients.

Despite previous allegations against the nurse dating back to June 2016, he was allowed to continue seeing patients without any restrictions until his arrest in September 2016. This lack of response from St. Vincent gave Mekonen access to more victims, often elderly women.

Kafoury & McDougal now represents four of his victims, and according to police reports, there are many more victims. Anyone else abused by Mekonen should come forward. Kafoury & McDougal can help you get justice.

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