Video Shows Innocent Student being Brutalized by Portland Policeman

Denny's_logo.svgCollege student Jason Elgin and a female friend fell asleep at their booth at Denny’s, exhausted from mid-term exams. To rouse him from slumber, Portland Police Officer Kevin Tully tossed Elgin to the floor, then zapped him twice with his taser, handcuffed him, and took him to jail. Staff and customers testified that Officer Tully’s description of the incident was completely unrelated to the truth.

TV Coverage:

KATU Jason Elgin 02/03/2011
KATU (02/03/2011)

News Coverage:

KPTV news (2/4/2011)
The Oregonian – Lara Takenaga (2/5/2011)
The Oregonian – Steve Duin (2/5/2011)
The Oregonian – Steve Duin (2/9/2011)

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