Workplace Injuries

If you’re hurt while working, your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company will usually cover your medical bills and lost wages. But workplace injuries are often the fault of someone other than your employer.

Hurt at Work? Get the Recovery You Deserve.

Imagine you build houses and a roofer from a company that subcontracts with your boss drops a pile of shingles on your head, or a delivery driver at the grocery store where you work backs into you, or a manufacturer sold defective equipment to your employer that injured you.

In these situations, workers’ compensation will cover only limited damages caused by the roofer, the delivery driver or the manufacturer. You’ll need a lawyer to help you navigate your additional claims.

We can help you figure out whether government regulations or OSHA investigations will reveal third parties that are responsible for your injuries. You need an attorney who specializes in this field to know your legal rights.