Trucking Accidents

Big rigs, semi-trucks, farm equipment, and construction vehicles pose tremendous hazards to passenger vehicles. Unfortunately, when a wreck happens, death or permanent physical injuries often leave families in need of legal help.

Hit By a Big Rig? We Can Help.

Over the decades, our attorneys have represented numerous individuals and families who have suffered the loss of a loved one, or had a family member suffer brain injuries or other permanent disabilities.

Having a knowledgeable lawyer familiar with the special regulations and insurance requirements of trucking companies is vital. The lawyer also needs to be aware of the use of black boxes, documentation, weigh stations, driver logs, and time restrictions. There are numerous special insurance and safety regulations that apply to trucks, as well as inspection and maintenance records.

Our law firm has flown experts to the truck’s destination immediately after an accident to gather evidence. Small details collected by a law firm directly after an accident can be extremely important to the value of a case. The accident scene also has to be inspected to determine if any physical evidence exists or has been overlooked. Emergency response personnel and others at the scene need to be immediately interviewed. Additionally, the cargo of the truck needs to be documented, as it may have had a role in the accident by shifting or causing other unique hazards.

There can be no doubt that the trucking companies have staff on hand that immediately respond to an accident. Persons injured, and their families, need the assistance of qualified legal representatives to conduct an immediate and thorough investigation.




Kafoury & McDougal secured big jury verdicts in several recent car collision cases. In three of these, the firm won monetary awards that dwarfed initial settlement offers from insurance companies:

$150,000 Insurance Company Offer, $618,000 Jury Verdict

Otis Waggoner and Kevin Nelson were stopped at a traffic light when the driver of a large gas truck plowed into their car from behind. Nelson suffered a fractured spine, while Waggoner needed surgeries for bulging discs. Kafoury & McDougal sued a year later. The insurance agency for the owner of the truck offered to settle, suggesting $150,000. Waggoner and Nelson refused the offer and took their case to trial. The jury awarded them a total of $618,000.

$30,000 Insurance Company Offer, $395,000 Jury Verdict

Cynthia Larsen was stopped in traffic when a driver for Apollo Drain and Rooter Service rear-ended her car, damaging her cervical spine. After Kafoury & McDougal sued, Apollo’s insurance company offered a paltry $30,000 – another offer rejected by our client. Kafoury & McDougal moved ahead with the case, securing a jury award of $395,000, more than 10 times the offer.

$150,000 Insurance Company Offer, $352,000 Jury Verdict

Julie Fox was driving on Highway 58 when a professional truck driver struck her car. The insurance company offered to settle for $150,000 after Kafoury & McDougal sued them. But Fox stuck with her case, and the jury rewarded her $352,000 — more than twice the amount of the settlement offer.