Timber Trespass

If a neighbor, landscaper, or contractor wrongfully or mistakenly cuts down your trees, shrubs, or vegetation, Oregon statutes provide that you are entitled to recover double the amount it costs to replace and restore the damage if it was done negligently, and triple the amount it costs to repair or restore the damage if it was done intentionally.

Did Someone Cut Down Your Trees? We Can Help.

The type of lawsuit for such damage is known as a timber trespass action. The law applies to damage to ornamental trees and plants in a homeowner’s yard as well as to investment timber properties. Our office has represented both homeowners and timber investors in timber trespass cases.

A homeowner whose landscape trees, shrubs, and vegetation have been destroyed usually does not understand just how costly it is to restore the landscape. A mature tree is difficult to restore and replace. There are nurseries that sell big trees. The cost the tree, delivery, and planting can be huge. Our office works with professional consulting landscape experts to calculate replacement and restoration costs.