Tenant & Apartment Injuries

The Oregon legislature passed the Oregon Tenant Landlord Act to provide safeguards for tenants. The law requires landlords to provide safe, habitable homes for renters and their guests. It was designed to protect low-income tenants from being abused by large property owners. The law applies to both the owners and management companies that control rental properties and provides for attorney fees.

We'll Hold Your Landlord Accountable

This means that the premises should have working plumbing and electrical systems and be properly weatherproofed. Landlords are also responsible for injuries from unsafe or defective conditions, including faulty stairs, poor lighting and broken equipment. Premises must be clean and free of rodent, insect and mold infestations. Injured people have two years to bring their claims. Our law firm has handled many cases for tenants or guests that were injured because of unsafe conditions.

K&M Secures Settlement for Elderly Woman Who Broke Hip in Fall

Loretta W., 86, tripped on a badly displaced sidewalk in front of an apartment building owned by the Portland Rehabilitation Center, suffering a broken hip. She survived the surgery and a long period of physical therapy. We requested compensatory and punitive damages, and the case settled on the day of trial for a confidential amount.