Police Brutality & Excessive Force

Unfortunately, some police officers charged with enforcing the law misuse their power and position to bully and brutalize citizens. A person injured by excessive force on the part of a law enforcement officer may have both a personal injury claim and a civil rights claim.

Abused By a Cop? We'll Fight for Your Rights.

Many police officers do their job ethically and responsibly and understand the obligation of balancing the enforcement of law with protection of citizen’s rights and dignity. But there are those who are infatuated with power and control. They find excuses to use a Taser, beanbag gun, or baton on citizens. Unfortunately, many citizens are afraid to step forward and enforce their rights. It is important that citizens make it known when they have been abused by a police officer and hold the police officer accountable by bringing a civil action.

Reports of excessive force and brutality often involve officers who had been accused before. Yet police departments often act like a law unto themselves. In Portland, not a single officer has lost their job for excessive force in living memory. Even officers found by juries to have abused citizens routinely suffer absolutely no consequences, while costing the city’s taxpayers substantial money.