Medical Sex Abuse

If you have been abused by a doctor or another medical professional, you are not alone. Medical sex abuse is a serious problem in our country. It’s too easy for medical professionals to use their position to abuse patients. And hospital administrators often don’t seriously investigate accusations of abuse. Sometimes patient safety is just not their main concern. Coming forward and breaking the silence is the most crucial step in stopping those medical professionals who violate a patient’s rights and trust.

Abused By Your Doctor? We'll Fight For Justice.

Victims of sexual abuse or sexual assault have the right to sue the individual, the institution or company that should have done something to prevent the sexual abuse from happening. These rights are different than criminal prosecution. Although an individual may have committed the terrible act of sex abuse, the company or institution that employed them may be held liable regardless of whether they knew about the abuse.

Many victims refuse to come forward due to fear, shame or denial that the abuse happened. Coming forward will stop your abuser from hurting others.

We maintain a website that tracks medical sex abuse nationwide. Here is the link.