Car Accidents

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Hurt in a Car Wreck? We Can Help.

We’ve represented thousands of clients hurt in motor vehicle accidents.

Our clients have been injured by hit and run, drunk, uninsured, and underinsured drivers. They’ve been struck by SUVs, motorcycles, and 18-wheel trucks. Some cases involve car versus pedestrian and car versus bike.

We understand that after a car crash you are concerned about receiving the best medical treatment, paying medical bills, and recovering wages lost as you’re healing. However, many insurance companies don’t empathize with your injury. They have scripts and playbooks designed to delay, deny, and undervalue your damages.

Demanding access to all medical records, insurance companies often try to convince those without an attorney to give them “blanket authorizations.” But under the law, insurance companies are only entitled to medical records that relate to the injuries you sustained in the car accident. Nonetheless, these insurance companies continually violate the privacy and medical privilege of people who don’t have attorneys to protect them.

Often, insurance companies say they’ll pay your medical bills once your medical treatment is complete. Meanwhile, they conduct “paper reviews” of your medical records, then deny charges that your family doctor considers routine.


Standing up to an insurance company requires a law firm that knows all the traps they’ll set.


Insurance companies decide how much to settle a case based, in part, on who they’ll be fighting. They usually offer to settle cases brought by those who are injured and not represented by an attorney and deliberately try to wear down those valid damage claims. Then, after long, tedious delays, insurance companies make low-ball offers. Countless clients have come to us after they’ve been mistreated by insurance companies.

Insurance companies also make offers based on track record of the attorney you hire. Some attorneys are known as “settlement attorneys.” The insurance companies know these attorneys don’t take cases to trial and will bluff and fold when the insurance company tells them they’ve made their top offer. Because these “settlement attorneys” base their law practice on not going to trial, they recommend to their clients to accept these offers.

Our office does not shy away from trying cases when they cannot be fairly resolved. Insurance companies know that we take cases to trial. Over the years, insurance adjusters who themselves have been injured have asked our firm to represent them.