Boy Scouts Sex Abuse

Boy Scouts should be a safe and rewarding environment for boys. Instead, the institution covered up years of abuse and kept files documenting the presence in the organization of suspected child molesters.

Abused as a Boy Scout? We Can Help.

Most lawsuits against the Boy Scouts have been settled out of court, however, a recent Multnomah County jury awarded $19 million to a victim of sex abuse by a Boy Scout leader. As part of this trial, secret files that the Boy Scouts had maintained for decades became public record detailing how the organization covered up for sexual abusers. Those documents will help other victims to hold abusers accountable.

It’s difficult to determine the amount the Boy Scouts have paid out in sexual abuse cases because many settlements are confidential. The Boy Scouts of America listed total assets of $715 million in its 2008 annual report. The organization also said it had 2.8 million Scouts and 1.1 million adult leaders registered in its programs.

Part of making Boy Scouts safe again is holding it accountable for past wrongdoing. If you or someone you love was abused at the hands of someone affiliated with the Boy Scouts, call today to discuss your legal options.



If you are a victim of sexual abuse, you can break the silence and remain anonymous. In criminal cases, your real name is used before the Grand Jury and with regard to any indictment or trial. But in civil cases, initials or “Jane Doe” are often used in formal filings with the Court, preserving your safety and privacy.

Over the years, we have represented dozens of victims. None of our clients have had their identity revealed to the public without their explicit permission. Some have chosen to identify themselves because of the particular circumstances of their case.