Bicyclists Hit By Cars

When bicyclists are hit by cars, their injuries can be life-threatening. Portland was rated the third most bike friendly town in America in 2015, with seven percent of Portlanders now biking to work. Unfortunately, more bike commuters means more accidents.

Hit By a Car on Your Bike? We Can Help.

Cars are a deadly threat to bicyclists when drivers are inattentive, distracted, drunk or unfamiliar with the rules of the road.

Insurance adjusters often have a bias against bicyclists. It’s important to have a knowledgeable attorney who can fight to get your claim covered and your medical bills paid. There are complicated rules about who will pay your medical bills, pay your lost wages and cover your pain and suffering when you are hit by a car. That’s why it’s crucial to call an attorney before dealing with an insurance company.

Our paralegal Jill Chickering is an avid bike commuter. She understands the rules of the road and the rights of bicyclists. She will help work up your case from a bicyclist’s point of view.