Portland Pharmacist Accused of Using Hidden Camera to Take Bathroom Photos

Police accused former Kaiser pharmacist Johnny Tuck Chee Chan of using a hidden camera to take photos of patients in the bathroom of the clinic on Airport Way. Later the same man allegedly used another hidden camera at his new job at Banana Republic to do the same thing.

On November 23, the Multnomah County district attorney indicted Chan on 64 counts of invasion of personal privacy. The indictment also alleges seven counts of encouraging child sex abuse. Multnomah County filed the indictment after Portland Police investigated Mr. Chan for an entire year.

Inside a bathroom at Kaiser’s pharmacy on Airport Way, Johnny Chan allegedly recorded 51 people with a hidden camera that he disguised with tinfoil. The indictment accuses Chan of pointing the hidden camera at the toilet inside the bathroom. Investigators say 51 people were caught on video. Twenty-eight were naked and one was a small girl.

Kaiser says it fired Chan when if found out.

At his new job, Chan allegedly did the same thing all over again. He used another hidden camera to record employees at the Cascade Station Banana Republic. Three of those victims were children. Police say Chan did not record members of the public during this second round of alleged crime — he recorded employees at Cascade Station.

Chan, 34, pleaded not guilty to crimes related to his employment at Kaiser. He is set to appear in court on new charges related to his work at Banana Republic on Dec. 18.

If you believe your privacy rights were violated by Chan at Kaiser Permanente or Banana Republic, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact our office at 503-224-2647. We have a winning history with cases like these.



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