Obama Supports Giving Nuclear Power Loan Guarantees

On February 18, 2010, the Obama administration announced conditional commitments of loan guarantees totaling $8.33 billion. This money would be used to construct two nuclear power plants in Burke, George. These will be the first new nuclear reactors built in the U.S. in almost thirty years. Cleary the Obama administration, despite its 2008 campaign pledge to support alternative sources of energy, is standing behind the unsafe development of nuclear power. The Nuclear industry has spent more than $600 million in the last 10 years lobbying to build new plants, according to an analysis by the Investigative Reporting Workshop at American University. Obama. Obama himself accepted $159,800 from executives and employees of Exelon, the nation’s largest nuclear power plant operator and Exelon’s Frank Clark was an Obama bundler who brought in more than $200,000 for his campaign.

Kafoury & McDougal have a history of fighting against nuclear power, organizing a number of ballot initiatives to close the Trojan Nuclear Power Plant in Rainier, Oregon. Partly due to Greg and Mark’s efforts, Trojan was eventually shut down in the early 1990’s and its cooling tower was demolished in 2006.

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