Preacher Brutalized by Jail Guards, Multnomah County Settles

Mark Nyberg is a minister who has spent much of his adult life in missionary work. He built a health center for tribal people deep in the jungles of Papua New Guinea, ran an orphanage for 10 years after the collapse of the government in Albania which left children tied to their beds in squalor, and suffering from malnutrition. His first scrape with the law came when he had been taken into custody at Multnomah County Jail as a result of an incident where another driver ran over his ankle. After being booked in, and quickly scheduled for release, but when he asked for help because he could barely walk, the jail grabbed him, yanked him along, and when he could not keep up, he was thrown to the floor, handcuffed, dragged into a holding room, and beaten.  The case settled just before trial for $55,000.

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Willamette Week (3/7/2012)