Medical sex abuse website launches

Kafoury and McDougal is pleased to announce the launch of our new website Our firm has successfully litigated some of the highest profile cases involving sexual abuse within the medical field. During these cases, we have found it can be extremely difficult for victims to come forward and challenge their sexual abusers. We offer this site as a resource for those who have been victimized, and to show that medical sex abuse is a serious, nationwide problem.

In our experience handling these types of cases, sexual predators have abused patients under the guise of a “necessary” medical exam in completely unnecessary situations. Many patients that feel they have been victimized by medical professionals either do not know their rights, are too afraid to come forward, or do not think that they will be believed. offers local and national resources for patients in all 50 states who feel they have been victimized, but are unsure how to move forward. Our website lists helplines, trauma centers and counseling options for victims and those close to victims of sexual abuse.

Another resource of our website is a catalogue of doctors and medical professionals who have been charged, prosecuted or had their license suspended or revoked. We intend to give victims hope that coming forward will lead to criminal prosecutions and protect future patients.

Upon researching this topic over the last few years, we have found over a hundred sexual predators who were operating out of medical offices that have been arrested and charged with serious crimes. We hope this website will lead to more victims standing up to their abusers, which will greatly assist law enforcement officers in building their cases against sexual predators in the medical field.

Our site also offers an FAQ and Legal Rights section for people who seek answers to legal questions. We also offer a Contact Us form for people who would like to speak confidentially to any of our lawyers about any incident that happened to themselves, a friend or family member, or to report other instances of abuse that we should add to our online database.

Challenging one’s abuser is the first step towards recovery, and we want people to know that help is not far away.