Lawsuit Filed after Oregon Clinic refused to cooperate with Sheriff’s investigation

Oregon Clinic stockOn March 10, 2015, our firm, Kafoury & McDougal, filed a sex abuse lawsuit against The Oregon Clinic on Barnes Road in Southwest Portland.

In May, of last year, The Oregon Clinic, one of Oregon’s largest medical providers, was notified by police detectives that there was evidence than an unconscious patient may have been sexually abused while sedated for a colonoscopy. Top officials at the clinic were aware that the patient was anxious to learn what had happened. A medical examination days after her procedure showed vaginal bruising and abrasions, both internal and external indicating possible sex-abuse.

The detectives wanted to interview the members of the medical staff who had been in attendance during and after the procedure. But rather than assisting the police in this investigation, the clinic provided criminal lawyers to all those involved.

The attending physician was Jeffrey Weprin, who initially answered the questions of the investigating detective, primarily centered on the general procedures of the clinic. Attempts by the police to arrange a subsequent interview through his attorney were unsuccessful. Dr. Weprin’s medical staff, Scott Joliffe, Paul Still, and Norah Jensen, also refused to be interviewed by the police. The investigation was suspended due to insufficient evidence.

The conduct of The Oregon Clinic in this case is virtually unheard of. Kafoury & McDougal, has represented patients who have suffered abuse at the hands of medical providers against doctors, psychologists, medical clinics, ambulance companies, and hospitals throughout Oregon. We have represented medical sex abuse plaintiffs in California, and as far away as Missouri. We have never encountered a situation–nor have we even heard of a situation–where a professional medical organization arranged for its employees to remain silent in the face of an official investigation of predatory sexual abuse.

Oregon Clinic Complaint.


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