K and M Help Bring Sex Abuser to Justice

Kudos to Oregonian columnist Steve Duin for reporting on Douglas County deputy district attorney Jodee Jackson’s extradition and prosecution of Tyler Lambie.  Justice has finally been served.  Lambie, the son of Milo Adventist Academy faculty, is now serving 6 months for sexually abusing a former student. Mr. Lambie was set to plead guilty to the charges back in 2007, but instead he drove off in a car his parents gave him and remained a fugitive.  Our law firm represented the abused student and we tracked down Lambie at an address in California and provided his address to the Douglas County DA.

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Milo Adventist Academy, a boarding school in southern Oregon

As Duin notes below in his column, Mr. Lambie was one of two Milo faculty’s children convicted of sexually abusing students this summer.  Our investigation showed that the Milo Administration looked the other way at allegations of abuse of their students when it involved the adult children of faculty. Recent headlines depict a national problem.  Suits against powerful institutions and corporations, such as the Catholic Church and Boy Scouts, have shown these organizations are more interested in protecting their reputation, and avoiding scandal, than they are in protecting those in their care.

Our firm has stood up on behalf of sexually abused children and adults against powerful institutions that ignore or cover up allegations of abuse within their own ranks. In the fall of 2009, our firm won $3.25 million against American Medical Response on behalf of Royshekka Herring, a single mother who was sexually abused while riding in the back of an ambulance by an AMR EMT named Lannie Haszard.  Evidence in that case showed that AMR allowed Haszard to work in the back of ambulances despite getting 3 complaints of sexually inappropriate conduct by Mr. Haszard from former patients.

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