Estates of Hoffmeister & Schulmerich: Pending Wrongful Death

hoffmeister and schulmerich
Kathleen Hoffmeister and Victoria Schulmerich

Jeffrey Grahn, a Clackamas County Sheriff, was known by those in his department to be violent, abusive and a drunk. His superiors were warned that he was out of control and was a great threat to kill his family and himself. When Portland Police were investigating Grahn for domestic abuse, a high-ranking officer of the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Department intervened to keep the Portland Police from reporting their findings to the Clackamas County District Attorney. On February 12, 2010, Grahn entered the M&M Lounge in Gresham and shot to death his wife, Charlotte, and her friends Kathleen Hoffmeister and Victoria Schulmerich, before turning the gun on himself. Our office represents the estate of Hoffmeister in claims against Clackamas County and high-ranking members of the Sheriff’s Department.

UPDATE: The lawsuit settled for a combined $1.6 million between the two victims’ families in January 2015 just before trial.

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Families of women killed by sergeant sue county
Families of women killed by sergeant sue county