UPDATE: Dr. Frederick Field Sentenced to 23 Years in Prison

Here is a link to a story involving a nurse at Mid-Columbia Medical Center

This is an update to our pending case involving Dr. Frederick Field and Mid-Columbia Medical Center.

field mugshot
Dr. Fredrick Field’s mugshot following the verdict

Dr. Frederick Field, 47, was sentenced to 23 years in prison Tuesday after admitting to 11 counts of sex abuse and one count of rape involving 12 former patients and co-workers at Mid-Columbia Medical Center.

Although the criminal case ended, the civil case initiated by some of the victims is just beginning.

“When a small town is traumatized by tragedy and scandal, all too often compensation is paid but, as a result, voices go unheard. And all too often the general question of, ‘How could this happen?’ goes unanswered,” said Gregory Kafoury, the attorney representing seven of the victims.

Kafoury is seeking $14 million or more in damages from the hospital for the pain and suffering of his clients, and contends that hospital administrators were advised of Field’s deviant behavior, but failed to act, resulting in more women victimized during the next three years.

“I want to promise the women of this community that those who knew, those who were told and those who concealed will be brought to trial,” Kafoury stated.

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