Should You Deal with Other Insurance Company After an Accident?

“Do I Really Need a Lawyer? The Insurance People Seem So Nice . . .”

“We are sorry our client ran into you.  We’re here to help.  I’m sure we can work this out.  Let me just turn on the tape recorder and get your statement, and please sign this form, which just allows us to get your medical records. . . .”

Insurance adjusters are trained to lull you into thinking that you will get a fair deal from them, and that you really don’t need to have a lawyer on your side.  Then, months later, they make a settlement offer which is a small fraction of the value of your case, and they tell you that that is all you’re going to get.

So at this point, where are you?  They have all your medical records, including records of unrelated body parts and unrelated conditions, and perhaps even psychological or psychiatric records.  They have your complete statement, and woe be unto you if you left anything out of it.  They have also done an on-scene investigation.

What do you have?

You have no statement from the other driver.  You have lost control over your own medical records.  You have lost such crucial evidence as the opportunity to measure skid marks, to document the point of impact, be the first to talk to eyewitnesses, and to get photos of their vehicle before it is repaired.

So, the insurance company has everything, and you have nothing.  Of course, sometimes things are much worse.  Perhaps the bump on the knee that you neglected to mention while the insurance company was recording you has gotten worse, and now you need surgery.  Too bad.

The point is simple:  Insurance people are serious professionals, and their only goal is to protect the insurance company by making sure you get as little compensation as possible.

If you’ve been hurt by the fault of another driver—or by any other person or business, for that matter—call a car accident lawyer that you can trust.  Treat your claim seriously, because the other side will.

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