Dangerous Slide at PlayDate PDX

Kafoury and McDougalKafoury & McDougal filed a lawsuit on December 30th, 2013 on behalf of six injured women and a 7 year old child for injuries sustained on a slide at PlayDate PDX over the last few years. Many of the injuries were serious, including a ruptured lower back disk which required surgery, multiple broken tailbones, and a broken elbow for the 7 year old child.  The lawsuit is against PlayDate PDX, two Portland doctors Robert Birkhahn & Shawn Vandeusen  who own PlayDate PDX, and the manufacturer of the slide, a Canadian company called International Play Company, Inc. for producing a defective and unnecessarily dangerous slide.  Greg Kafoury was quoted in an article by Aimee Green of the Oregonian, pointing out that  “The doctors knew about all this long ago, and they’ve done nothing,” Kafoury said. “They’ve blown it off.” Since we filed the suit many more victims have come forward.

We had first mentioned the issues in September.

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— Bob Heye (12/26/2013)
The Oregonian — Aimee Green (12/30/2013)