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President Obama proposes $75 million in federal spending in support of police body cameras; Paramilitary policing a real threat

President Barak Obama recently proposed a $263 million federal spending package, $75 million of which would be used to fund putting body cameras on 50,000 police officers around the country. The remaining funds would be used to expand police training and reform programs in the wake of a grand jury’s decision not to indict a Ferguson, Missouri police officer who … Continue reading

National support grows for body cameras on police officers

The time has come for the Portland City Council to approve the use of body video cameras on all Portland Police officers. The ineffectiveness of Portland Police review boards and internal affairs investigations have created a system where Portland Police officers can ignore their responsibilities as peacekeepers and civil servants. This allows officers to abuse citizens with no repercussions. Body … Continue reading

Protect People’s Right to Videotape the Police

Our firm represents many citizens abused at the hands of police.  These cases are difficult to win, because normally it is a victim’s word against a police officer’s.  In one of our recent cases, Hammick v. City of Portland, we were awarded $175,000 against the City of Portland (the largest jury verdict ever against the City of Portland for police … Continue reading

Citizen Independent Police Review Board Needed

The Portland Police Bureau has been in the news recently because of a series of incidents in which officers used excessive or deadly force, most notably the incidents involving James Chasse, Jr., Aaron Campbell, and the beanbag shooting of a 12-year old girl on a TriMet platform. James Chasse, Jr. died in September 2006 after being beaten, tasered and having … Continue reading

Obama Supports Giving Nuclear Power Loan Guarantees

On February 18, 2010, the Obama administration announced conditional commitments of loan guarantees totaling $8.33 billion. This money would be used to construct two nuclear power plants in Burke, George. These will be the first new nuclear reactors built in the U.S. in almost thirty years. Cleary the Obama administration, despite its 2008 campaign pledge to support alternative sources of … Continue reading

Supreme Court Gives Corporations Unlimited Power to Influence Elections.

On January 21, 2010 a divided U.S. Supreme Court decided Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. This case dramatically changes the rules of campaign finance and unleashes corporations to spend unlimited money on elections. At issue in the case was whether a group could advertise a film critical of then-Senator Hillary Clinton during a presidential primary. The U.S. Supreme Court … Continue reading

Oregon Voters Pass Measures 66 & 67

Oregon Voters Pass Measures 66 & 67 On January 26, 2010 Oregon voters approved Measures 66 and 67 in a special election. Measure 66 raises taxes on individuals making $125,000 and households making $250,000, in addition to reducing income taxes on 2009 unemployment benefits. Measure 67 raises the $10 corporate minimum tax to $150 for most businesses among other changes. … Continue reading