Uninsured Driver Hits Pedestrian in Crosswalk

crosswalkD.T. was finishing some last-minute tasks in preparation of going on a cruise vacation. D.T. lived in Scappoose, Oregon. She pushed the traffic control button as a pedestrian at the intersection of Highway 30 and E. Columbia Avenue. As she was crossing the street, she was struck by an uninsured vehicle. D.T. had uninsured motorist coverage under her auto insurance policy. D.T. contacted her insurance company and informed them of the accident and her substantial injuries and medical bills.

D.T.’s insurance company blamed D.T. for the accident, saying she should have been able to see and avoid the oncoming car. She had not seen the car that hit her, as it sped around a different vehicle that had stopped for the traffic light. D.T.’s insurance company chose to accept the story of the uninsured driver (who refused to submit to drug or alcohol testing) and rejected D.T.’s claim.

D.T. contacted our firm. The insurance company never offered D.T. a dime. Our firm presented evidence to a panel of three arbitrators and obtained a unanimous decision against the insurance company, requiring the insurance company to pay D.T. the entire amount of her substantial uninsured motorist benefits under her auto policy.