Camas High School coach arrested for molesting 17 girls

chsshield 3Robbyn D. Mattson, a 58 year old Camas High School softball coach and custodian, was arrested this week for sexually molesting 17 girls between the ages of 14-18. According to Sgt. Scot Boyles of the Camas Police Department, Mattson was caught on surveillance video and his abuse was documented by victims and witnesses including school faculty members. Kafoury & McDougal has handled many cases where institutions have allowed a sexual predator to molest innocent victims. This Mattson case leads to many important questions that need to be investigated on behalf of the victims. First, were there complaints to anyone at Camas High School about Mr. Mattson prior to his arrest? It’s highly unlikely that 17 victims could be abused and no victims came forward prior to his arrest. Second, what sort of background check was done on Mr. Mattson? Third, if there were any prior complaints, how were they documented and investigated and were any witnesses mandatory reporters? There are many questions that need to be answered, if any of the witnesses or victims have any legal questions please contact our firm immediately. 

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