Spoiled Rich Bullies Brought to Justice by Bulgarian Immigrant

Greg Kafoury, KostadinNaydenov, Jason Kafoury, and Charley Merten

An heir to the Moyer fortune and his wealthy friend were sharing a bottle of champagne on the street during the snowstorm of December, 2008.  Nicholas “Nick” Kassab, grandson to Tom Moyer, urinated in the alcove of the Professional Building, and was confronted by the caretaker, Kostadin Naydenov.  Kassab and a colleague, Anthony Peressini, armed with the champagne bottle, threatened Naydenov, who responded by showing them his concealed weapon. Peressini called the police, and then hid the champagne bottle in a snowbank. Naydenov was arrested, jailed, and prosecuted. Seven months later, he was acquitted, then he sued Kassab and Peressini.  A jury found Kassab and Peressini were liable for the false arrest and malicious prosecution of Naydenov, and awarded him $362,500. A case study of wealth, the abuse of power, and the civil justice system proving its worth.

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