Author: Patrick Aitchison

Toyota Recall

Automobile manufacturer Toyota recalled a number of its car models in recent months. Toyota issued the recalls because of problems with accelerator pedals on some models as well as issues with the anti-lock brake system on other models. The recall has led to congressional hearings and a criminal investigation. If you or someone you know drives a Toyota vehicle that … Continue reading

Oregon Voters Pass Measures 66 & 67

Oregon Voters Pass Measures 66 & 67 On January 26, 2010 Oregon voters approved Measures 66 and 67 in a special election. Measure 66 raises taxes on individuals making $125,000 and households making $250,000, in addition to reducing income taxes on 2009 unemployment benefits. Measure 67 raises the $10 corporate minimum tax to $150 for most businesses among other changes. … Continue reading