Author: Karina Brown

K&M Spring 2014 Newsletter Highlights

  Agricultural Worker Awarded $6.2 Million K&M Prove Negligence: Sex Abuse Victims Awarded $2.4 Million ESD Whistleblower Awarded Nearly $1 Million Portland Must Pay $306,00 for Police Burtality $725,00 Verdict for Slip and Fall “Shopping While Black” at Walgreens We are Moving PDF download of Full spring 2014.

K&M 2012 Newsletter Highlights

K&M 2012 Newsletter Highlights Police Abuse: K&M Win Two More Trials Internal Documents Show Hospital Knew of Sex Abuse Fired Duputy Wins Verdict Against Jackson County Sheriff’s Office “You’d Look Good in Handcuffs” Caretaker Awarded $362,500 Against Rich Bullies Stand Up for the Jury System …and more! PDF download of full 2012 newsletter.

K&M 2009 Fall/Winter Newsletter Highlights

K&M 2009 Fall/Winter Newsletter Highlights Ambulance Abuse Case: $3.25M Award Initiative Power Serves Injured Workers Friends Don’t Let Friends Talk to Insurance Companies African American Men Win Police Brutality Case K&M at Oregon Supreme Court Arbitration Clause” Means Biased Judges Paid for by Corporations Lawsuit Filed in Oxy Overdose Death If you’re hurt on the job, are you stuck with … Continue reading