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Kafoury & McDougal File Four “Shopping While Black” Lawsuits

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 14, 2020 For further information contact: Jason Kafoury: 202-465-2764 (c) Gregory Kafoury: 971-563-4139 (c) A video of Dominique DeWeese being refused service at Jay’s Garage went viral about two months ago. DeWeese was trying to buy gas in a container to put into his lawnmower. The employee wouldn’t sell DeWeese gas because he said he was … Continue reading

Police Brutality at Protests Shows Portland Needs 26-217

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 14, 2020 For further information contact: Jason Kafoury (202)-465-2764 Gregory Kafoury (971)-563-4139 When you pay your taxes, how do you imagine those dollars work for you?  Paving over a pothole?  Fixing up the neighborhood firehouse?  Opening a new bed at a shelter? Of course, there’s another unproductive place your taxes will be going: paying victims of … Continue reading

Lawsuit: Portland Police Officer, Demoted to Desk Duty after Record Brutality Jury Verdict, Sexually Harassed Female Employee

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 29, 2020 For further information contact: Jason Kafoury (202) 465-2764 PRESS PACKET Today, the Portland law office of Kafoury & McDougal filed a complaint for sexual harassment, discrimination, and retaliation on behalf of a former Portland Police Background Investigator. In 2014, a Portland jury awarded the largest police excessive force verdict in city history—$562,000—to Jason Cox … Continue reading

Central Oregon Community College Agrees to Pay $2,000,000 for its Role in the Death of Kaylee Sawyer

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 23, 2020 For Further Information Contact Jason Kafoury (202-465-2764) or Tim Williams (541-410-6082) On July 24, 2016, twenty-three-year-old Central Oregon Community College (COCC) student Kaylee Sawyer was assaulted and murdered by a Campus Public Safety Officer. This tragedy was not unforeseeable. In years prior, students, professors, and Bend Police Chief Jim Porter told COCC administration that … Continue reading

Sheriff Pins 12-year-old African American to Ground with Knee on Neck; College Student Shot with Rubber Bullet, Thrown to Ground & Wrist Shattered Fleeing Police Attack on Protestors (Press Release)

June 18, 2020 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Sheriff Pins 12-year-old African American to Ground with Knee on Neck Portland law firm Kafoury & McDougal today filed two police brutality cases. 12-year-old Ka’Mar Benbo was arrested at Clackamas Town Center by Clackamas County Sheriffs. The sheriffs were responding to a call that some teenage girls had been involved in a fight. As … Continue reading

Racist Comments to Elementary Students: The Spencer Family Responds to the Incident (Press Release)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE RACIST COMMENTS TO OREGON ELEMENTARY STUDENTS: THE SPENCER FAMILY RESPONDS TO THE DISTRICT Yesterday, North Clackamas School District released a fundamentally misleading statement about the racist comments made by a staffer to a group of fifth grade students. Through their attorneys, Kafoury & McDougal of Portland, the family of Jasmyn Spencer wishes to correct the record by … Continue reading

Oregon Supreme Court Upholds Rights of Injured, Undocumented Workers

In April 2019, the Oregon Supreme Court voiced their support for workers injured on the job. In Vasquez v. Double Press Mfg., Inc., the Oregon Supreme Court ruled that ORS 31.710(1), a statute that caps the non-economic damages that a plaintiff can receive from a liable defendant at $500,000, does not apply to “third-party claims [brought] by or on behalf … Continue reading

From the K&M Archives: Trial jury docks Portland neurosurgeon $1 million for ramming his Mercedes-Benz into an airport attendant writing him a parking ticket

> March 12, 1997 It wasn’t high noon when the highly paid neurosurgeon faced off with the airport parking worker. It was more like 10 P.M. But for a few tense minutes on Aug. 31, 1995, their showdown outside the Portland International Airport terminal seemed as dramatic as the Old West. On one side, in his sleek Mercedes-Benz coupe, sat … Continue reading