Linda Williams

Linda loves working with Kafoury & McDougal because their decades of passion for the law and defending the little guy makes working with them fun. She has won important recent victories at the Oregon Supreme Court defending the rights of Free Speech and political expression.

Linda Williams Attorney Portrait

personal highlights

A long-time public interest lawyer, Linda is licensed in Oregon and Washington. She specializes in complex litigation to protect natural resources, advocating for customers of regulated industries, protecting civil liberties and defending Oregon’s system of direct democracy.

A graduate of Vassar College and Northwestern School of Law at Lewis & Clark College, Linda has spearheaded ratepayer class action lawsuits against electric utilities, achieving hundreds of millions of dollars in refunds for citizens. In recent years, she has helped earn settlements that provided millions of dollars for funding a community bank, alternative energy projects and conservation programs in Oregon.

Areas of Strength

  • Consumer protection class action litigation
  • State-wide leader in anti-SLAPP lawsuits
  • Environmental litigation
  • Fighting to protect civil liberties

Personal highlights

Linda enjoys traveling to Tokyo to see her three grandkids, but nothing compares to life in Portland.