$150,000 Settlement for Driver Punched by Portland Officer after Traffic Stop

Barbara Weich was cited for not wearing a seat belt by Officer Gregory Adrian. She implored him not to cite her, explaining that she had a small business, a coffee shop where she displayed her own paintings. She explained that the fine would be a considerable burden to her. Adrian berated her, and when she left the parking lot, he took the opportunity to mock her. She cursed him, and drove away. Adrian followed her over the Hawthorne Bridge on his motorcycle, and when she pulled over directly in front of the police station, he struck her in the face with such force that the entire side of her face and neck became discolored. The blow left a permanent dent in her cheek. After knocking her senseless, he grabbed her right arm, pulled it down and twisted it until it broke. He later explained that he was only trying to “control” her. The city settled out lawsuit for $150,000. City Councilman Randy Leonard told the local news that he was “deeply disturbed” by the officer’s conduct.